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John Moore
Sales Associate
John Moore
Sales Associate
SL3542331 FL
Delray Beach

Welcome to my page and be sure to check out my quarterly blog. Like most realtors, I have not been a life long realtor. Do I wish I was one? Sometimes I do, since I have always loved real estate and it's in my blood since my Dad had a very successful  career in his early years before becoming a city assessor and then investing in land. My Uncle and cousin are life long real estate attorneys and I have learned a lot through them particularly on the commercial retail side where my Uncle handled several restaurant leases and purchases for me through my 17 years of being restauranteur in the Boston area. I was proud of my flagship Navy Yard Bistro and Wine Bar in the historical Charlestown neighborhood of Boston. Those 15 years taught me you are not in the business to say NO. If I couldn't accommodate a certain, meal, beverage or table, I would exhaust all possibilities before I would convey to my guest that may I offer another choice for you. A few of my first deals in real estate would have never went though if it wasn't for my restaurant background along with being close to family attorneys. Whether it's an HOA,  finance or insurance company telling us they can't accommodate on purchase, I will not take for NO for an answer and work tirelessly to get your dream home or rental. One thing the restaurant industry has definitely taught me, is work ethic. I am always available 24/7 to my clients, although try to call me later than earlier because I did work late nights for many years, ha!

Through my hard work after 10 years of ownership at my Bistro, I was able to purchase my dream second home in Delray Beach right off Atlantic Ave next to historical Sundy House.  My Bistro lease ended in 2019 and I moved to Delray the next year and became a realtor a year later and 30 years later after having being a part time realtor in Lynn, MA in my early 20s. Those were not the ideal days to sell real estate back when interest rates were around 14% and single family homes were in low to mid 100s.  I love Delray and also the surrounding cities and towns, so much to do and it's never too cold to leave your home. In my spare time, I still love to cook up a storm with the best of them and pair with some great wine, 'Italian, French and Pinot Nor are favorites regions and grapes".  I also like to play golf occasionally, hit the gym on a regular basis and I'm lucky our office is a block from the beach where I can take a slow beach jog after work. We are still working on trying to get our Broker Steve to add a shower to the office, then he won't complain about the sand we bring in from our favorite beach.

If there is anything I can do for you while you are considering a home or even a rental in Delray and surrounding area, please let me know and I will do my best to get you reservations at the best restaurants, discount hotel stays or even short term rentals. I am a certified Resort and Second Home Specialist and will take care great care of you. It might take a few days or even a fews years to find your dream and I will be here to guide through the entire process with the best of best in house mortgage loan officer and title company.

I have recently become certified through Coldwell Banker to sell and lease commecial property. Through my 18 years of leasing several hospitality businesses, I can not only find you the right location but also offer complimentry consulting for your business plan.

Cheers and Welcome to Paradise!




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